Заключение ФСТЭК - Документы Asap

Conclusion of FSTEC
(Federal service for technical and export control)

Документы - Заключение ФСТЭК для предоставления на таможне. Оформление документов на экспорт, импорт, реэкспорт продукции.
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Required for submission at customs.
Conclusion FSTEC is issued by the accredited institution on dual-use goods (goods and double purpose technologies which can be used at creation of arms and military equipment and are subject to export controls (approved by presidential decree dated 17.12.2011 g No. 1661, as amended by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 07.04.2017 g No. 159)).)). Issued for a contract. We will help you optimize the number of documents for all your products. This document is issued both for export and import, as well as for re-export of products under the agreement on repair and post-sale service.

Term: 2 working days


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