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Notification of the FSS (Federal Security Service)

Документы - Нотификация ФСБ, на оборудование, Шифровальные, Криптографические средства.
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Notification is registered by the FSS Licensing Department for equipment included in the list 2.19 of the EEC Board Decision No. 30,which is composed of Encryption (cryptographic) means.

Almost any equipment having wireless communication (radio electronics) or SOFTWARE (operating system) falls into this list. At the moment, the list of equipment is narrowed strictly by the HS code from the list, so the FSS issues refusal letters. Even if the equipment contains Encryption (cryptographic) means, but is not in the list, the customs authorities are not entitled to request Notification. In some cases, an FSS License is required.

A legalized power of attorney from the manufacturer of the goods with a notarized translation is required for notification. All equipment is included in the unified register of notifications of the EEC.Before you start to deal with the complicated procedure of obtaining a legalized power of attorney from the manufacturer, check whether the equipment is already in the registry, because the registry can be used by all organizations and receive an extract from it directly on the website, without contacting the FSS. Also, Notification may be required in the Ministry of industry and trade when issuing a License to import radio electronic goods and HFD.

Term: 2-10 working days


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