Заключение (разрешительный документ) ГУНК МВД - Документы Asap

Conclusion (permitting document) of GDDC MIA

Документы - Заключение ГУНК МВД разрешение на ввоз/вывоз наркотических, психотропных веществ и их прекурсоров.
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Permission for import/export of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors is issued by the Ministry of internal Affairs (General Directorate for Drug Control) for approval of The license of the Ministry of industry and trade for import/export of products containing or being narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors.

The list and concentrations allowed for import(export) of precursors is regulated by the ECE No. 30(Listing 2.12) and the и Government decree from 30 June 1998 N 681. 

Such substances can be contained in various chemical products - from printer paints to dental materials. Before delivery, be sure to check with the manufacturer of the product or request MSDS. This Conclusion is issued within 15 working days. When importing and selling these products, the importer is obliged to report quarterly to the GDDC. A similar authorization from the state of the consignee would be required for the export Conclusion to be issued.

Term: 2 working days


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