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Arrange permits
for customs ASAP


We specialize in permits for customs clearance of goods that fall under non-tariff and technical regulation.

We understand the nuances of customs clearance. Our specialists have really extensive experience in the work of government agencies in the field of licensing activities.

We follow all innovations in legislation and sincerely try to help our clients optimize costs, time and avoid unnecessary problems.

Also, we always have a good offer for you on the logistics of goods from China and Europe. The warehouses of our partners are at your disposal. Air delivery with us is on average 30% cheaper than other intermediaries offer you. In combination with our customs clearance at the Sheremetyvo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo checkpoints, delivery will cost you even more profitable.

Customs broker


Our brokers are always on your side. Selection of the HS code, registration of missing transport documents, use of the broker's seal, assistance in choosing delivery dates – individual approach to the client. Our regular customers are both large companies and small businesses. We are as interested in the success of our business as you are. So welcome!

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Logistic & forwarding

Leave a request for a miscalculation, perhaps our delivery is cheaper.

Calculation is made for air delivery, without taking into account customs clearance, selection of the HS code, duties and VAT, additional fees. It is possible to calculate by sea and railway transport.
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