Заключение (разрешительный документ) Росприроднадзора - Документы Asap

Сonclusion (permission document) of Rosprirodnadzor (Federal service for supervision of natural resources)

Документы - Заключение Росприроднадзора на импорт и экспорт товаров: диких животных, растений, озоноразрушающих веществ, ядовитых веществ.
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Rosprirodnadzor will coordinate the issuance of license of the Ministry of industry and trade for the import/export of goods, including: wild animals and plants, ozone-depleting substances, toxic substances, hazardous wastes, minerals, etc.(See EEC Decision No. 30).To obtain this Permit for each type of product, there is an individual list of documents provided to the body, in some cases, payment of state duty is required. Also, at the request of the customs authorities, you can issue a letter of refusal.

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