Заключение (разрешительный документ) Минфин - Документы Asap

Conclusion (permitting document) of Ministry of Finance

Документы - Заключение Минфин для получения лицензии Минпроторга на вывоз Руд и концентратов драгоценных металлов.
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The document is required to obtain a license of the Ministry of Trade for the export (export) of Ores and concentrates of precious metals, namely according to the list 2.10 of the EEC Decision No. 30.Within 2 weeks, the Ministry of Finance will coordinate the issuance of a License and issue an Opinion, subject to the provision of all necessary documents. It is obligatory to provide a Certificate and test reports from an accredited laboratory. As well as documents confirming the legality of the production of goods.

Term: 2 working days


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