Заключение Роскомнадзора на временный ввоз - Документы Asap

Conclusion on temporary import of Roskomnadzor

Документы - Заключение Роскомнадзора на временный ввоз оборудования РЭС и ВЧУ. Получение Заключения ГРЧЦ
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The conclusion (permission document) Roskomnadzor for temporary importation of equipment (radio electronic goods and HFD) is necessary for obtaining the opinion of RFC.

It is also issued for the import of equipment for demonstration or participation in exhibitions. Issued for a period of 6 months with the possibility of extension.

Gives you the right to import equipment without permits (but without the right to further implementation). The document is provided to the customs authority for registration of the procedure import-53 (temporary import (admission)). Is made to several models.

Term: 2-20 working days


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