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Ministry Of Industry And Trade License

Документы - Лицензия Минпромторга на импорт или экспорт товаров, в отношении которых введены единые меры нетарифного регулирования.
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The license for import or export of goods in respect of which uniform measures of non-tariff regulation have been introduced (the List is determined By the decision of the EEC Board No. 30,134 and separate government resolutions) is mainly issued on the basis of the Conclusion (Authorization document) of the authorized body.

The validity of the license depends on the type of product. Usually not more than 1 year.

Лицензия выдается на 1 код ТНВЭД по 1 контракту на определенное количество товара. Также за оформление Лицензии предусмотрена пошлина 7500 рублей.

Term: 2-15 working days


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