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Quadrocopters. Radio-electronic means.

Quadrocopters (drones) they are model management devices. These include octocopters and hexacopters. In our country, their import and use is allowed under certain conditions, primarily in accordance with the technical characteristics of the GRCC.

Thus, quadrocopters are imported by licenses of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Of course, to obtain a license, you must first enter the model of the quadcopter in the Roskomnadzor register. To do this, a temporary import of the sample is issued and measured in the RFC. There are no other workarounds to get into this registry. The tests are real, so it is very important to know in advance whether the drone will pass the test for compliance with the characteristics of the GRPC. In general, this process is quite time-consuming. Temporary importation of 3-20 working days, verification of the RFC 1-2 months, extract from the register 3-20 working days, License 5 working days. Total from 1.5-3 months. We help you optimize the process and thus save you time.

The control panel is usually supplied with the quadcopter. Remote control it does not need to be measured separately and is registered in the license together with the quadcopter. This saves money on additional RFC measurements and obtaining a separate license (since the HS code for remote controls is different). In the future, when importing remote controls separately about drones, they are written off from the general license.

On the other hand, you can check-perhaps your the model is already in the registry, and an extract from it, authorizing the import and obtaining a license, can be obtained by any user, including you, not just the applicant. Thus, we remove the burden of temporarily importing the model and passing the measurements.

Our team has long and successfully helped with the import of quadrocopters to the Russian Federation at all stages.

By the way on the quadrocopters came out class decision of the EEC -Decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission from October 30, 2018 N 172 "On the classification of quadrocopters in accordance with the Unified Trademark nomenclature of foreign economic activity
Of the Eurasian Economic Union» .

Quadrocopters with transmitter power no more than 10 MW they don't need to be licensed at all.

What about other documents:

Conclusion of FSTEC
(Federal service for technical and export control)
(at the request of the customs authorities)

Notification of the FSS (Federal Security Service) not needed

Declaration of Conformity / EAC Certificate of Conformity test reports according to 004, 020 TR CU.

Power of attorney from the TRADEMARK owner or its authorized representative (TROIS register)


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