Заключение ГРЧЦ - Документы Asap

Conclusion of RFC

Документы - Заключение ГРЧЦ, при успешном проведении измерений оборудования РЭС и ВЧУ на соответствие технических карактеристик нормам ГКРЧ.
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This Conclusion provides the Main radio frequency center upon successful completion of the measurement equipment (radio electronic goods and HFD) for compliance with technical performance standards SCRF (State Commission for radio frequencies) at the same time GRCC submits it to the Registry of Roskomnadzor.

For testing, a sample of the equipment is provided without fail, which is then returned safe and sound. Services GRCC provided at the rate of 1 Conclusion 1 model and are paid directly by the applicant on account and agreement with GRCC.

Before Applying, it is important to know in advance whether Your equipment will be tested to protect against unnecessary costs. For this purpose it is necessary to specify at the manufacturer a range of radio frequencies and power, and also other necessary characteristics.

Term: at least 40 days


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